Dr Clare Wareing Ph.D - Founder

Clare has dedicated her career to oncology drug development, working on a diverse range of programmes including the successful approval of six cancer assets now forming the mainstay of treatment for certain patient groups. Initially working in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in clinical development, she later founded Nexus Oncology, a CRO which grew globally over 12 years delivering clinical development design, strategy, and implementation support for complex international trials across phases I - III. After two successful exits from the CRO sector and with a rare vantage point gained from working across multiple oncology asset classes, tumour types and clinical trial design, Clare has been identifying, evaluating and, where appropriate, negotiating licensing deals on a range of oncology assets. The first asset in the DNA repair area was in-licensed in May 2019.

Dr Alan Wise Ph.D - Due Diligence

With previous roles as CEO of the successful biotech, IOMET Pharma (acquired by MSD) and senior drug discovery roles in large Pharma (GSK), Dr Alan Wise, has a depth and breadth of drug discovery experience with a focus in the oncology area. He has a deep academic and industry expertise in GPCR biology which he has applied to small molecule drug discovery and development in cancer immunotherapy and metabolism in recent years. At Cumulus Oncology, Alan applies this demonstrated scientific rigour to the evaluation of oncology asset data packages which have been short-listed for evaluation and, if appropriate, moved forward into licensing negotiations.

Dr Phill Cowley Ph.D - Due Diligence

A medicinal chemist with strong academic and industry credentials, Dr Phill Cowley has been responsible for a range of areas including hit identification, hit and lead optimisation, compound design, guidance on ADMET, compound profiling and early stage development. He has experience in big pharma (MSD, Schering Plough and Organon) and most recently was Head of Chemistry at the successful biotech, IOMET Pharma (acquired by MSD) where he focused on small molecule drug discovery and development in cancer immunotherapy and metabolism. At Cumulus Oncology, Phill applies his expertise in medicinal chemistry, ADMET and drug discovery to the evaluation of oncology asset data packages which have been short-listed for evaluation.

Dr Manuelle Debunne Ph.D - Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr Manuelle Debunne is a PhD pharmacologist with a background in applied research programmes and translational science. Her experience encompasses the development of new treatments and diagnostic approaches in a range of medical areas including cardiovascular medicine, oncology and auto-immune conditions. She has worked at the biotech start-ups Medennex and aTEN Therapeutics and her experience includes the creation, costing and management of preclinical programmes in the oncology area. With a further background in technology transfer and company creation, Manuelle is a key team member at Cumulus for our strategy of asset search, evaluation and where appropriate, spin-out. In her role as Director of Scientific Affairs, Manuelle provides due diligence support for licensing activities and leads the business planning and preclinical research programmes for key in-licensed assets.

Dr Elena Lasterra Ph.D - IP Strategy and Due Diligence

Dr Elena Lasterra is a European Patent Attorney with a strong academic background in organic chemistry. Her wide-ranging experience covers pharmaceutical and biotech companies (Sosei, Chiroscience, Arakis and Serentis) as well as private practice (Avidity IP). Elena’s expertise includes the design and implementation of IP strategy, analysis and provision of patent information and patentability evaluations, IP due diligence and analysis of IP portfolios for in-licensing opportunities, including freedom to operate evaluations. At Cumulus Oncology, Elena applies her wide-ranging patent expertise to the due diligence of oncology assets short-listed for evaluation. This includes existing patent situations as well as future opportunities to extend and strengthen the existing patent  portfolio for assets to be in-licensed.