Cumulus works in partnership with a strong group of companies and organisations to develop its in-licensed oncology assets in molecularly defined patients, potentially in combination approaches.

ApconiX, Alderley Park, UK

ApconiX is a drug development company providing expertise in toxicology across a range of asset classes and therapeutic areas, encompassing both preclinical and clinical. The collaboration between Cumulus Oncology and ApconiX leverages the deep expertise of the ApconiX team in oncology small molecule drug discovery and development. ApconiX is an integral part of the team assessing the data packages of oncology assets under review. In addition, the partnership includes the ongoing expertise of the ApconiX team to support the conduct of non-clinical oncology drug development programmes, ahead of execution of the clinical development programmes. This ApconiX expertise helps to de-risk Cumulus Oncology’s drug development programmes. Discover more about ApconiX >

Early Drug Development Group (E2DG), Paris, France

E2DG is an interdisciplinary research group of preclinical and clinical oncology experts with a long track record in the translation of oncology assets from late preclinical stages to phase I clinical proof of concept. The company has supported a diverse range of over 20 oncology drug development programmes (at least eight first-in-man), covering both small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. Cumulus Oncology is partnering with the E2DG team to evaluate and translate novel oncology assets through the drug development process for value creation and patient benefit. Discover more about E2DG >

Intelligent OMICS, Nottingham, UK

Intelligent OMICS is a translational company converting Big Data into biological intelligence. A spin-out from Nottingham Trent University's Bioinformatics department, Intelligent OMICS has developed a proprietary neural network algorithm which is applied to biological data sets to identify key nodes in pathways as well as markers of differential response to therapeutic intervention. The sophisticated platform can identify key drivers or determinants of the disease and represent crucial new knowledge of the disease under study. Cumulus Oncology is collaborating with Intelligent OMICS in key areas of oncology drug discovery and development. Discover more about Intelligent OMICS >

LXRepair, Grenoble, France

LXRepair provides a new approach to personalised cancer medicine by developing functional diagnostics based on the direct analysis of DNA Repair Enzyme Signatures. Cumulus Oncology works in partnership with LXRepair to apply this sophisticated platform technology to further define the patient population most likely to respond to a given DNA repair modulator. Modelling using this technology will precede clinical trials. Discover more about LXRepair >